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SC3/Last Arcade on the Planet Spring Get Together

SC3/Last Arcade on the Planet Spring Get Together


Last Saturday night (4/26) The Last Arcade on the Planet (See my review here) and Southern California Classic Collectors (SC3) joined forces to celebrate classic games for both the home systems and arcade games. This is the second get together that I have been to (See Here for the first one) and combining it with The Last Arcade on the Planet is a match made in heaven. Juan had added two new machines from my last visit Gauntlet and Spy Hunter. The SC3 team brought various home systems that were set up out in front and were quite busy all night long. Inside the arcade was packed and everyone had a great time. The funny thing that I noticed was that the pinball machines were always busy with people waiting in line to play them. The new four player Gauntlet was also a huge hit because it is the only 4 player game that Juan has at the moment. The Dragons Lair was a big hit and there was a projection television showing the game while people were playing. The mirror ball was in full effect all night long and lots of classic 1980’s tunes were playing through the night. The other great thing about the get together is that a lot of people bring their kids to discover both classic arcade games and home systems. The kids have a great time and discover the same love for classic games as we did when we grew up with them. Mike Kennedy brought copies of the second issue of the new Retro Magazine for free and it’s a great magazine that every gamer need to subscribe to. (CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE)

Of course one of the big attractions of the SC3 gatherings is the people who bring stuff to sell and trade and you never know what you might find. The other big thing is the raffle of stuff that is donated and it’s always both fun and stressful to hope that your numbers gets picked. There were a lot of great items to choose from this time.

If you love classic gaming head over to the SC3 Facebook page and join the group and they will let you know when the next event is. Also like The Last Arcade on the Planets Facebook page to find out when they are having get togethers also.

Below are pictures from the event that will show you what a great time that everyone had.

These were the items that were donated to the raffle. As you can see there was quite a variety of things to choose from.


Here is the feeding frenzy of the raffle as Mike calls the numbers and you hope that he calls yours. It’s fun and nerve-racking all at once.


I met Dave Danzara who directed a documentary The Video Craze about people who grew up during the golden age of arcades and who still love to play games today from the era. I picked up a copy and will have a review of it soon.


Here are the home game systems that were set up so people could play systems that they may have never owned or played before. Lots of great stuff here.


Here is a shot of the projector running Dragon’s Lair that someone was playing. This was a great idea!


And here are the Pinball machines that were always being played.


Here are two people playing the newly acquired Gauntlet


Here are the rest of the pictures from various times during the party. As you can see it was pretty packed most of the night. I tried to limit using the flash so not to interfere with people enjoying the games. The brighter ones are later in the night after the crowd had thinned out a little.