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Hell Has Officially Frozen Over, The 1966 Batman TV Show is Coming to DVD This Year!

Hell Has Officially Frozen Over, The 1966 Batman TV Show is Coming to DVD This Year!

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Holy Home Video Batman!

Conan O’Brian tweeted this awesome news today:



Now a lot of people at first thought it was a joke because why would Warner Bros. Home Entertainment have Conan tweet the new over themselves. A quick search of Twitter reveals why. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has 296,369 followers, Warner Bros. Studio has 744,779 followers, Conan O’Brian has 9,759,455 million followers. Do the math and it’s not hard to figure out where to go fishing on this one. Warner Home Entertainment has stated that more information will be out soon.


I have talked to a source and they don’t have full details yet but it appears that there will be a box set containing all 120 episodes seems likely but they could release each season separately. There also seems to be plans for both DVD and Blu-Ray. Warner’s knows how big of release that this is and hopefully they will load the discs with lots of special features. While Warner Home Entertainments track record is spotty over the years with special editions, on this hopefully they will really put some effort into this release. I’m guessing that there might be an announcement at either WonderCon in April or they will have a big blowout at San Diego Comic Con in July or they could do both. It would seem likely that the release would be this fall just in time for the holiday season. Of course this is all speculation at this point. If I am able to get anymore information on this I will for sure update this story as the news of this monumental release comes into focus.