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dan-1Dan Harmon was the belle of the ball at SDCC this year. After Yahoo saved community from the cancellation bear and is going to have season 6 online at Yahoo. Then the second season of Rick and Morty is coming soon. Harmon was definitely riding high going into this years SDCC.


Thursday kicked things off with the Community panel with Harmon, Executive Producer Chris McKenna, Writer Dino Stamatopoulos, and actors Jim Rash, Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs who were still in shock after a last-minute pick up from Yahoo for their streaming service. Jacobs had gone through the emotions of the series coming to an end and working on a great show. McHale talked that he knew that someone would pick up the show. Harmon and McKenna is making sure that the show isn’t different from the previous NBC run. One of the big questions was if Donald Glover would come back? Harmon said “Troy’s out there somewhere. He may be in peril. That’s what movies are made of.” Rash started to do an awesome rap during the panel and Stamatopoulos was pushing his new comic book during the panel at every chance.



At the Q&A someone asked if the show would push the boundaries more because it’s online and Harmon said that he wanted to make sure the show quality came first then if it happen to push them that would be OK. The other big question was the show going to release all at once like Orange is the New Black. Harmon said that it will be released one episode per week just like as if it were on a network. The reason for that is so that viewers will have time to watch it and talk about it before next weeks episode. Another person asked about holiday themed episodes because they were some of their favorites. Harmon said that they might but didn’t want to have a Halloween episode playing in February.


There were two cosplayers dressed up at Greendale Human Beings. Harmon asked the crowd which one was the best and everyone liked them both. The cast and crew ended the panel by thanking the fans for saving the show because that is one of the reasons that Yahoo was willing to pick up the show. And as a thank you to the fans at SDCC Yahoo and Subway sponsored free Subway sandwiches later that day.


On Friday Harmon and Justin Roiland came on stage in their cosplay costumes to talk about they new season of Rick and Morty on Adult Swim and to tell everyone about the first season coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD. They showed off some of the special features that will be on the disc. They also talked about the first pressing would have the Morty comic book from the show in the set and that about 250 would be signed by Harmon and Roiland and be randomly inserted into the set. Here is a shot of the comic from the show and they showed off some of the pages from the comic.


They were both pretty tight-lipped about what is going to be going on in the second season but they did show an animatic of a scene that one audience member happened to catch.

They did say a few tidbits about the second season. Roiland said that fans could expect to see “interesting pairings” of characters that weren’t seen in the first season. Harmon said that the show’s second season would be “more intergalactic” than the first. In other words, where episodes often meshed one conventional family centric story with a sci-fi one, that won’t necessarily be the case going forward. They said that fans of the show are really going to like where the second seasons stories are going to be going.


Harmon was definitely riding high after the two panels and with two shows going at the same time he is sure to be very busy for some time.

There were some really great Rick and Morty Cosplay at the panel and here are some of the pictures that I took of Rick and Meeseeks & Destroy.