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Long Beach Comic Expo 2016 Cosplay Photo Parade

Long Beach Comic Expo 2016 Cosplay Photo Parade

Long Beach Comic Expo was in town over the weekend and there was a lot to do and see at the show. One of the things that I love about the show is the more homemade style of cosplay that you see at the show. I find that you see a lot more unusual cosplay at a more intimate show like LBCE than at the bigger shows like WonderCon and SDCC.

There were a lot of cosplay and here are some of the ones that I was able to get pictures of. There are also some photos by correspondent Jim Cartwright along with a friend of mine Ryan Sieroty that are noted with their photo.

lbce-cosplay-35lbce-cosplay-34lbce-cosplay-36lbce-cosplay-33lbce-cosplay-32lbce-cosplay-31lbce-cosplay-30lbce-cosplay-29lbce-cosplay-28lbce-cosplay-27lbce-cosplay-25lbce-cosplay-26lbce-cosplay-23lbce-cosplay-24lbce-cosplay-21lbce-cosplay-20lbce-cosplay-18lbce-cosplay-19lbce-cosplay-17lbce-cosplay-16lbce-cosplay-15lbce-cosplay-13lbce-cosplay-9lbce-cosplay-10lbce-cosplay-11lbce-cosplay-12lbce-cosplay-8lbce-cosplay-14Below photo courtesy of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner

lbce-cosplay-5Below photos courtesy of Ryan Sieroty

lbce-cosplay-3And the biggest surprise of the show was the cosplay of the cast of King of the Hill that is pure genus!

lbce-cosplay-6Below photos courtesy of Jim Cartwright