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Kickstarter Watch: Schismatic

Kickstarter Watch: Schismatic

There are a million things on Kickstarter and it seems with comic books a lot more creators both new and established are trying to get their projects done with crowd-funding. While this is a great idea it’s also difficult because there are so many projects to look at and a lot of times you don’t hear about them until after they are over. Well I have discovered a nice little gem of a book called Schismatic by Andrew Adams and Rachael Briner.


Before you read any further you need to see the video for the book that is one of the best that I have ever seen.

Schismatic Kickstarter Page

That was really great right? I have read the first issue and there is a lot of promise to the series. There is just a little over 2 days as of this writing for the book to make its goal. Adams and Briner have a good idea and the first issue gets off to a solid start. For just $25 you can get in on the ground floor of this exciting 6 issue mini series. While I would love to see this book in print they are in the final days of trying to get the book off the ground. The book is a few hundred dollars shy of their $12,000 goal and you should really check this book out.


Now for a quick review of the first issue. Adams story does a nice job of setting the story arc up. While I will say that the first issue does suffer for a fair amount of exposition that is a challenge for any first issue. I can see where he is laying a nice foundation for the book. He introduces the cast nicely and gives you enough to care about them and the situations of the story. Briner is a very nice find and a real compliment to Adams story. For a new artist on a comic she really impressed me. While there is a tad of stiffness a few times I can see just in the progression of the first issue that she has a lot of talent and is really growing as an artist. Her use of color is quite good and gives the book a nice feel with it.


She is also able to handle both the action and the dramatic scenes very nicely and I am looking forward to what she is going to bring in future issues. While the book didn’t blow me away, but it did pique my interest in the story and where the book is heading. The good news for just $5.00 you can buy the first issue and it will be sent to you immediately that is a great idea for potential backers. This will allow you to kick the tires of the project so to speak and help you make a decision on the project. Huge props to Adams and Briner to do this.


So at the very least give the project a try. The worst case scenario is that you are out 5 bucks if you don’t like it but think of it this way. For 5 dollars you get to read the first issue and base your decision on the actual product instead of a promise. It’s well worth it!