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This years Hannibal SDCC panel was a very bittersweet one due to the recent cancellation of the show by NBC just three weeks into the airing of the third season. It was announced today that the show has now been moved to Saturday night at 10pm for the airing of the final episodes of the season. Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy, Richard Armitage, and Martha De Laurentiis were in attendance.

Here are the things that we learned from the Hannibal Panel:

The actors have been released from their contracts but all are fully committed to coming back to Hannibal if and when it may happen.

Netflix has passed on the show. Probably due to the Amazon streaming deal.

Amazon has passed on the show. Bryan did say that there were interested but they wanted to fast track the show and the way that the show is done that type of schedule was not feasible for the show to be done with them.

Martha said that there is the possibility that the story may continue as a movie or movies and that all options are still being looked at.

Bryan said that NBC had been really great to the show and that they had a gentleman’s agreement that if the ratings dipped too low that the show could be canceled. The ratings for the third season went below that threshold. He said that fans should not be upset with NBC because there were some network executives that wanted to cancel the show after the first season.

While there is still no word on if they could use Clarice Starling, Bryan did say that he would love to see Ellen Page play her.

Richard Armitage had seen Manhunter a long time ago but had forgotten most of it when he was cast for The Red Dragon. He did not want to see any of the films or read the books but go by the script for the show so he could do his own interpretation of the character.

Bryan did say that the third season finale could also serve as a series finale because they were unsure if they would be getting another season. It’s not that the story ends it’s just that they didn’t want to leave the fans with a cliffhanger.

One of the questions praised Bryan for not doing rape scenes on the show and the room erupted in applause. Bryan talked about how it’s overused on television and does a disservice to the medium as a sloppy plot trope.

Bryan, Hugh, Richard and Martha thanked all of the Fannibals for their social media interactions that all of the cast and crew appreciated during the show and it really meant a lot to them all.

There were plenty of Fannibals in the room that wore flower crowns and made Fannibals Forever signs  that were passed out to show support for the show no matter what the outcome of the series future. Fans had made flower crowns for Bryan, Hugh, Richard and Martha. Bryan was all too pleased to go and get them as he ran down from the stage to retrieve them so they could wear them during the panel.

All of the fans who asked questions were given prizes that were signed DVD, posters, soundtracks and other surprises.

Here are my pictures that were taken during the panel discussion.


There were lots of Hannibal Cosplay at the panel and here are some of them that I was able to get some pictures of.


On Sunday Bryan, Hugh, Richard and Martha were at the NBC area in front of the Tin Fish restaurant to meet Fannibals in a meet and greet that was announced that morning on Twitter. There were hundreds of Fannibals with tons of flower crowns on display. They were all very excited to talk to Fannibals and it was a great way to finish out Hannibal at SDCC this year.


The official Hannibal YouTube channel has posted the entire panel and for those that missed it or if you were there and want to see it again, I have linked it below.

I hope to interview Bryan Fuller again soon for updates on Hannibal and talk about his new show American Gods that is going to go into production soon. While it may be a while that we will be without Hannibal the producers are going to make sure the every effort and option is going to be used to get this brilliant show back on the air in one form or another. I doubt that we have heard the last dinner bell for Hannibal.