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There are two current Kickstarter that you might be interested in and still have time to get in on them.

First up is Mike Kunkles:

Origins of the A B C’s 


Mike is the creator of the comic Herobear and the Kid that is simply one of the best all ages book that has been done in years. This is his 3rd Kickstarter book (The first two were Timmy and the Moonpiece and The Art of the Squiggle that can be added onto this project if you missed them) and they have been really high-class projects with quality being the most important part.. Not only have the previous books been really fun to read the quality of the printing and the presentation of the book are of top-notch quality.


His latest project is about a robot Sproket that crashes his spaceship and a caveman Rok has to find all of the pieces of the alphabet to rebuild Sproket. I have seen the prototype version of the book that Mike had at Long Beach Comic Con and it is really adorable and while aimed at a younger crowed I found myself really enjoying the book. As always Mike’s art is fantastic and is the big draw of the book.

The project has already reached its goal so the book is going to happen. What would really be great is that there are some great stretch goals that will add fun extras and add extra material to the book.


I really recommend this book if you have kids or just a big kid at heart like I am.


The Addams Family Pinball Machine: The Pinball Arcade


The Addams Family Pinball Machine is the most produced pinball machine in history. With a whopping production run of 20,270 with an additional 1,00 Special Collectors Edition versions has been one of the most requested tables for the Pinball Arcade.


The Pinball Arcade digitize all the parts and programming from the original machine and then recreate a virtual version of the machine that is available on almost all game platforms. The problem with licensed table like the Addams Family is that there are multiple rights that need to be secured to do the tabel. Because the machine is so old new licenses need to be made and because actors are involved it can get very expensive and this is why the project is so costly for them to do. Below are some of the sample pictures that Farsight Studios has created to show what the digital playfield will look like.


I have reviewed the Pinball Arcade for IOS and if you are wondering about the tables find out about them HERE & HERE


There are still about 5 days left on the campaign as of this writing and they are at about 93% funded on the project. If you are a fan of pinball and without spending thousands of dollars on the full machine, this is a great project that will let you own a piece of pinball history at a reasonable price. For as little as $7.00 will get you the table on the platform of your choice. That you will be able to play forever.