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Steve Dillon 1962-2016

Steve Dillon 1962-2016


The loss of talent in 2016 has been simply staggering and over the weekend we lost sadly another. Steve Dillon was not only a brilliant artist but from all accounts from his friends and colleagues a true gentleman and could always be counted on for a pint that he had on him. You can read the many tributes to him from friends and colleagues over at Bleeding Cool.


Photo courtesy of Ray Flook

He will best remembered for his brilliant run on Preacher that he co-created with Garth Ennis at Vertigo Comic that was as groundbreaking as it was brilliant. The last public appearance for Dillon was at October’s New York Comic Con he graciously donated his time and talent to the Hero Initiative. For me that says volumes about Dillon. He had obviously been ill recently from recent photos but to still want to meet fans and donate his time makes the loss of this great talent that much more difficult.

As with other artists he has left us and future generations his brilliant work that will entertain and inspire future generations to discover his work. This is the best way to remember him and his work.


Dillon (left) and Darick Robertson (right) from 1998 San Diego Comic Con Courtesy of Jackie Estrada

Instead of rehashing his obituary here, instead I have found some of Dillon’s best artwork from his many years of drawing comics. They say that a picture is a thousand words and I can only hope that whatever plane that we may go to that Steve Dillon and Darwyn Cooke are having a good laugh at a pub along with a good pint.


And what could be some of Dillon’s final work the final covers for Six Pack and Dog Welder: Hard Traveling Heroes covers.

sixpack-3sixpack-4sixpack-5sixpack-6These last two pieces really sum up the power of his work and the loss of it