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Gallifrey One 2014

Gallifrey One 2014



The long running British television show, Doctor Who has never been more popular and this is very evident at the Gallifrey One Convention.

The fan and volunteer run Gallifrey One is a convention that celebrates all things related to Doctor Who. It is the largest Doctor Who convention in the United States and seems to get more popular every year. This year’s guests included, Paul McGann, Colin Baker, Arthur Darvill, Billie Piper, Katy Manning, Matthew Waterhouse, Nicols Bryant, and Terrance Dicks, just to name a few.

The annual show runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in mid February and provides fans with a wonderland of activities and entertainment. Being a convention there are guests who do panels, autograph sessions, photo ops and a dealer’s room full of merchandise for collectors. But, there is more than just the usual con activities.

Each day attendees can sit and watch a selection of episodes, attend workshops, partake in gaming or peruse the art exhibit. The con also offers “Kaffeklatsch.” This is an opportunity to sit in a closed room with a dozen other fans, drink coffee and have some one on one time (so to speak) with one or two guests. The list usually ranges from actors to production personnel.

The con also offers a hospitality suite for attendees to grab a quick snack or soda and rest for a few minutes. A cosplay repair room just in case your costume starts to fall apart while parading around the con. A masquerade/costume contest that awards prizes to creative homemade costumes rather than those that come “off the rack.” After the con officially closes for the night, Lobby Con begins. This is a time when those who can’t sleep (or don’t want to) gather in the lobby area to chat with friends, compare costumes, play games, and just, generally hang out
This year marked the 25th anniversary of the convention and it was my second year in attending. I have been to a lot of conventions over the years and have had good and bad experiences. Gallifrey One has been nothing but fun and good times. I have made a lot of new friends from the convention and will continue to do so.