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SC3 Fall 2017 A Backyard Odyssey

SC3 Fall 2017 A Backyard Odyssey


Well it’s fall again and you know what that means? Thanksgiving? NO!, Black Friday? NO, SC3 party in Steve Hertz backyard? YES!!!

It’s that time of the year where the SC3 or Southern California Classic Collectors group gets together to play video games along with buying, selling and trading. There was screenings of video game based movies from Cloak and Dagger the infamous Mario Bros. that were both big crowd winner for the party. As always there was plenty of pizza and snacks that kept flowing thanks to Lorrain and her daughter.


The selling area was a bit smaller this time around but more individuals this time around instead of the vendors that took over the spring gathering at Arcade 2084. There were still lots of stuff to buy with a good selection of both games, systems and accessories.


Of course one of the best parts of the night is the raffle and this time Geoffrey Voigt cleaned out part of his storage unit and brought some great items including big prizes with an Atari 2600 with games, a ColecoVision unit with games and the one that most people were interested in was the Atari 5200 with a bunch of games that ironically ended up winning.


Steve has a great selection of Arcade games that is very impressive and always a big hit at the party with the four player Warlords being played non stop all night. There were also almost every major home console set up to play multiple games on their original system and cartridges and discs. It’s always great to play the original and not an emulation that is not always perfect.

The one thing that was great at this event was there was a smaller attendance this time around and that actually was a good thing. Last falls event was way too crowded and Steve’s backyard is only so big. It was about the right amount for the event and it seemed like the crowd was more in tune with true vibe of the event. Everyone had a good time and I didn’t hear of any complaints or issues and that was a good thing.


It was a fun night for all and I have to thank not only Steve for putting up with us invading his backyard but the entire SC3 staff for their time and effort for making this one of the smoothest and best backyard parties yet. They did a fantastic job and should really be proud that their effort are much appreciated by myself but all who attended.

Here are some more pictures from the event,