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Kickstarter January Roundup

Kickstarter January Roundup


There are a number of great Kickstarter projects that I have funded over the last year. Some are still waiting to be fulfilled and most have already been received. It’s a great way for creator to get the funds directly from the public for their projects. Most of the ones that I have done are from comic book creators. Now like most of you trying to wade trough Kickstarter is like searching for a needle in a haystack. I myself rely on other sites and friends posting about a project on Facebook. So I have decided to start a semi-regular column about projects that I think that you should check out. A couple of these end very soon so please check them out and pass along to all of your friends. Click on the title and you will head over to the projects page.

Cartoonist Mike Kunkel’s Squiggle Art Book


My first pick is Mike Kunkel’s Squiggle Art Book. This one is over on Friday January 31st at 1:11pm EST. I wish I had done this post earlier this month because this one has not made the goal yet and that needs to change. I have been a very strong advocate of Mike’s Herobear and the Kid books that thankfully kaboom has been reprinting and also putting out his new books. He had previously funded a really great all ages book, Timmy and the Moon Piece that is really a fun little book. His new book takes a squiggle and then Mike lets his imagination take over and let the drawing go with the flow so to speak. I am pretty shocked considering that the Timmy book did so well that this project is struggling to get the initial funds raised. It’s a really great idea and the way that the book is being done is very imaginative. So Head over right NOW to pledge money to get this really great project into a reality.


Something Terrible by Dean Trippe


My next pick you still have a few more days on this one and it has been funded, and it ends on Sunday February 2nd at 2:28 EST. Something Terrible follows the effects of childhood abuse into my adult life, with the conflicting ideas of the Cycle of Abuse theory and the message of all good superhero stories, “You are who you choose to be,” battled in my mind until I was finally, completely set free by the fictional characters I’d modeled my life on. Originally done as a web comic it has had quite a bit of acclaim to its credit. I really found Trippe’s story to be very inspiring and really important. Some of the best comics are autobiographical and this one is a subject that a lot of times gets swept under the rug. The original web strip was an abridged version of the story. This physical book is the full version of his story. Because the book has passed the initial goal the books are being upgraded to hardcovers and Trippe is doing a new epilogue to the story. Beyond this really important story the art is simply fantastic.


COMIC BOOK PEOPLE: Photographs from the 1970s and 1980s by Jackie Estrada


My final pick is from a dear friend Jackie Estrada. The good news on this one is that you have 23 days left on this one. It ends on Saturday February 22nd at 10:41 EST. Estrada who is a San Diego resident since the 1950s, Estrada got involved in helping to put on the San Diego Comic-Con in the mid-1970s. In addition to having edited nine of the Con’s program books over the years, she helped start the Robert A. Heinlein annual blood drive, created the position of pro liaison, and created (and was the first coordinator of) artists’ alley at the Comic-Con. She has been administrator of the Eisner Awards (the “Oscars” of the comics industry) since 1990, and she chairs the Con’s guest committee and awards committee. She is also book editor and co-publisher of Exhibit A Press with her Husband Batton Lash. On top of that one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Her love of comics is just inspiring and that love is seen through the many photographs that will be in her book. I guarantee at some point you have seen one of her photographs if you are a comic book fan. The thing that gets me excited about the project is that the period that the photos are from. It’s from the real golden age of SDCC . This is a time capsule that really needs to be published and hopefully will make its goal.