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Darwyn Cooke Tribute LBCC 2016

Darwyn Cooke Tribute LBCC 2016


Losing Darwyn has been a very difficult thing for the comic book industry. His talent was immeasurable  and his loss is great because there were so many stories that he still was going to tell but sadly we will never get to enjoy them. Not only has his passing been hard for fans of his work but to his family and friend I can not imagine the huge loss of him. What has help us all get through this Jimmy Palmiotti and Frank Tieri have done many tribute panels at conventions. They have told wonderful and personal stories of the man who was like a tootsie pop because he was hard on the outside but soft on the inside.


I was fortunate enough to be at the first tribute at this years SDCC and if you missed that story you can find it HERE. It was a very difficult panel for everyone and we were all a mess but there was also a lot of laughter.


The Long Beach Comic Con hosted another tribute to Darwyn over the weekend and it was a more intimate and friends and family one. The best thing was that his wife Marsha and his brother Dennis were not only in attendance but spoke about him and that was a wonderful moment. Before the panel I asked Jimmy that he couldn’t make me cry because I was such a mess after SDCC. He promised that he would do his best and did keep his word.


I made the mistake of not recording the panel at SDCC and made sure that I didn’t make that same mistake at LBCC. So while the video is s little shaky and the audio is not the best I did record the entire panel. I made sure that I asked both Marsha and the panel that it was OK to post the video and they were very gracious and gave their blessing.


For me the highlight was hearing Marsha talk and after the panel I was able to meet here and gave her a big hug that was very cathartic for me. While I never personally knew Darwyn I had meet him a few times over the years at conventions and I truly cherish those moments.

So here is the panel. Please enjoy and share it.