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Today is a very important post. In our lives we all have our up’s and down’s but hopefully there is always someone to help you up when you stumble. Well today a friend needs that helping hand. Clydene Nee who volunteers with no pay to help put together the Artist Alley at San Diego Comic Con each year needs your help. Recently she got very bad news that she was suffering renal failure and the comic industry heard the call and came to the rescue and helped her raise funds to cover medical expenses that were needed because of the large expenses that skyrocketed overnight. She now has to go on permanent disability but because of a paperwork error she has to wait 6 months for Medicare to kick in. I know that times are tough for us all but Clydene has given so much to so many people over the years that debt we all owe her, I doubt will ever be paid in full. So she has had to start another Go Fund Me to help cover the 6 month gap before the insurance kicks in. If you think that asking for help again is an easy thing, it’s not.

Stan Sakai’s wife Sharon has been going through a lot of medical issues and there has been lots of support for him and his family. Stan himself has said this about Clydene to supporting her again;

Clydene is the backbone of San Diego Comic-Con’s Artist Alley. She has kidney failure and has started another gofundme. Please give if you can. If you are an artist going to Comic-con, you can drop off art at Mark Brooks and Lisa Kwon’s booth #5557 for an online auction. I will certainly be donating a piece.

Having Stan say that with all that him and his family has gone through not only shows how Paying It Forward works but also how important Clydene is to the comics and artist community is. With SDCC just around the corner instead of spending some of your money on a toy that is just going to sit on your shelf and collect dust. Take that money and donate it to help Clydene out. It’s people like Clydene that are the ones that really help make SDCC the great show that it is.

So if you can spare any amount to help her out I am sure that she would appreciate it. I donated the last time and will do so again. Because you never know when and how that you might need a helping hand and it might be someone like Clydene that will be the one to reach out and help you.

(Artwork by Chris Gugliotti)