New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 4/8/15
DC Comics Convergence lands this week and gets off to a shaky start. Convergence #1 DC Comics Writers Jeff King & Scott Lobdell, Penciler Carlos Pagulayan, Inker Jason Paz, Colorists John Starr & Peter Steigerwald, Letterer Travis Lanham Let’s be honest, last weeks Convergence #0 was a huge train wreck... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 2/11/15
So this was a very welcomed quiet week with new comics. So there are only a few books to review this week. So let’s get started shall we. Fables: The Wolf Among Us #2 Vertigo Comics Writers Dave Justus & Matthew Sturges, Artists Steve Sadowski, Shawn McManus, & Travis... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 12/10/14
Sorry about not posting on Wednesday. I was a bit under the weather Tuesday night so got some well deserved rest and so everything should be back on track now. So there are new comic book reviews to get to so let’s get cracking. Bitch Planet #1 Image Comics... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 10/29/14
I’m sure that everyone will be doing something today with it being Halloween but after you have filled your trick or treat bag up sit down and check out this weeks new comic book releases. I will steer you clear of the tricks and find out this weeks treats.... Read more
Long Beach Comic Con 2014
Long Beach Comic Con was back in the southland over the weekend and I was able to attend both Saturday and Sunday and this years show was a big improvement over last falls so-so showing. They have some really top line names this year including Mike and Laura Allred,... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 9/24/14
This was another brutal week with a flood of new books this week. DC is pumping out Futures End #1 and there are some that I review this week. So let’s get started. Adventurers of Superman #17 DC Comics Writers Jerry Ordway/Steve Niles/Kelly Sue DeConnick, Artists Steve Rude/Matthew Dow... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 8/13/14
This weeks reviews are going to be on the light side because it was a smaller number of books this week, and the regular gig has been very busy this week. So sorry in advance.   Harley Quinn #9 DC Comics Writers Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti, Artist John... Read more
Countdown To SDCC 2014 Exclusives
Only two more days until San Diego Comic Con 2014 kicks off with preview night on Wednesday and it looks to be one of the biggest ones yet. Today I cam going to look at the exclusives that I am looking forward to getting at the show this year.... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week of 7/17/14
Well its the week before the SDCC flood of book that hit the stands and the convention. I will be at SDCC next week so next weeks reviews are probably not going to make it next Friday. Honestly I’m guessing that it will not happen until the following Friday... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week of 6/18/14
Thankfully things are getting back on track with the old schedule here at Pop Culture Maven. This week is a mix of new number one issues and some continuing books make a return appearance to the review list. So onwards to this weeks comics. Thomas Alsop #1  Boom! Studios... Read more