Whoa Nellie Pinball Review
At Arcade Expo 2.0 pinball parts supplier Marco Specialties was on hand in the tent area and not only had pinball parts to buy but they brought six new Stern pinball machines set to free play. They included both versions of Game of Thrones, KISS, The Walking Dead, Wrestlemania... Read more
Arcade Expo 2.0 Impressions
Over the weekend the Pop Culture Maven crew set out to Banning California for the second annual Arcade Expo. The good news is that a number of the problems from the first show had been addressed and while there are still a few bumps in the road. The good... Read more
Long Beach Comic Con 2015 Cosplay Part 2
Were back with our second batch of cosplay at the Long Beach Comic Con fall show. There were a ton of great costumes and people were being very creative with them to. There were a lot of outside the box ideas along with the usual ton of Deadpools. Contributor Jim... Read more
The Attack On The New DCYou
It seems as if both the comic world press and now the mainstream media has picked up on the sales and gloom and doom that supposedly a crisis at DC Comics. A little back story to all of this. In June DC launched 24 new titles and continuing 25 titles.... Read more
Pop Around The Web
I wanted to start a new column today that I have been wanting to try for a while now. Running  a website is not an easy task when you are doing 99% of the posts most of the time. Some days its hard to come up with articles but... Read more
Why Don’t Ratings And Box Office Translate To Comic Sales
The Walking Dead season 5 premier was watched by 17.3 million viewers this last Sunday. The Flash premiered to 6.42 million viewers. Arrow season 3 was watched by 2.81 million viewers. Guardians of the Galaxy made $326 million at the US box office and Captain America The Winter Soldier... Read more
SDCC 2014 The Walking Dead Escape
This was the 3rd year that The Walking Dead Escape has invaded San Diego Comic Con by taking over Petco Park that is right next door to the convention center. Each year it seems to get bigger and better. This year they added a SDCC badge viewing area that... Read more
New Comic Book Reviews Week of 6/25/14
Each week I try to catch up with reviews in the hopes that I could maybe get some recent comics from the past few week but there are just so many new books hitting the racks that keeps that from happening. I can always hope that I will catch... Read more
Free Comic Book Day Forgot to Include Women
After working at Metropolis Comics on Free Comic Book day last Saturday and thinking about it over the last few day I wondered why none of the publishers tried to get young teen and older female readers into comics. There has been lots of debate lately of the lack... Read more
When Did Hollywood Stop Making Good Films?
Today in the Hollywood Reporter there was a story that the head of the Theater Owners Association John Fithian said this about the Oscar Best Picture Winner 12 Years A Slave, “It’s not that I didn’t consider the movie worthy of watching. Quite the contrary. 12 Years a Slave constitutes one... Read more