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Only two more days until San Diego Comic Con 2014 kicks off with preview night on Wednesday and it looks to be one of the biggest ones yet. Today I cam going to look at the exclusives that I am looking forward to getting at the show this year. This will be the last possible full post this week because of SDCC so make sure that you follow us on Twitter for up to the minute news and photos from the convention. While there are tons of exclusives for SDCC these are the ones that I am looking forward too. For a complete list of exclusives head over the Official SDCC page you might want to also go to the Unofficial SDCC Blog exclusives page for daily updates.

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Funko has become the must visit and now one of the hardest to get into booths on the floor for the past few years. And now that they have teamed up with Super 7 who sold the widely popular Alien ReAction figures to be one of the hottest booths on the floor. They have exclusive Hannibal bloody figure and a one of a kind Hannibal Stag by Bryan Fuller that they are giving away. Along with the Alien play set they are releasing early the Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Zero figure and a black and white variant of The Rocketeer.



Marvel is getting into the exclusive SDCC game and this year they are bringing some awesome Rocket Raccoon items that are sure to be hard to get. First they will have an SDCC variant of the Rocket Raccoon plush that was the hit of the NYCC show earlier this year. They are going to have the Jeff Smith issue #1 variant at the booth also.



While there is always a ton of exclusives from Dark Horse Comics this year they bring the cute factor with the Itty Bitty Hellboy plush that is sure to sell out quickly. Why? Because it’s Hellboy and he is adorable!



While there are a number of exclusive hardcovers and variant covers from Image, they really have the surprise of the show. They are doing a Treasury size book that is like the old DC and Marvel treasury size comics from the 1970’s. This one is sure to sell out very quickly. They will also have the new book Low #1 on sale early and a Chew foil variant cover.




Top Shelf is going to have Artist Kevin O’Neill at their booth this year and they will have an exclusive hardcover of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century signed by both O’Neill and Alan Moore. Unless you are going to the U.K. then the likelihood of getting anything signed by Alan Moore is nearly impossible.



This is the last year the Toynami will have the licenses for Futurama and they are going out in style with their last SDCC Futurama exclusive. The Talking Golden Bender will hopefully have the phrase “Bite My Glorious Golden Ass!” as one of the phrases.



Boom! always has lots of exclusive covers that they make for SDCC but this year they are also doing some other things. Lumberjanes has been one of my favorite books and they are recreating a set of the sew on badges from the book. There is an exclusive t-shirt from the book too. They are also going to have a preview edition of the new Jim Henson book. The new Big Trouble in Little China comic will get the SDCC exclusive Adam Hughes variant cover that is sweet!




While I usually not a huge fan of most of the stuff from Tokidoki this year might change my mind. There are two super cool things that are exclusive to SDCC. The Peanuts tote and the Planet of the Apes t-shirt.



One of my first stops each year at SDCC is to renew my membership to the CBLDF that has always supported the First Amendment right for Free Speech in comics and has defended shops and individuals that would otherwise not have the funds to defend themselves. This year they have teamed up with Valiant for an exclusive Gilbert Hernandez cover for Harbinger #25. They are also going to have a print of the J.H. Williams III and Todd Klein’s piece that appeared in the Liberty Comics 2011 annual. While the print is $75 if you are a CBLDF Member then you can get it for $50 so it pays to be a member on many levels.



This is one that is going to be really hard to get ahold of because they are giving a limited number of them away and they are free. They are promoting the upcoming Big Bang Theory Monopoly set that is coming out with a special edition Soft Kitty limited edition piece. The free exclusives are sometimes the hardest to get ahold of.



DC is teaming up with Graphitti Design again with their SDCC exclusives. The Harley Quinn purse while not for me but any fangirl would love to have this great looking bag. The Joker Mask is an early release. Both are going to be really popular.



I try to avoid both Mattel and Hasbro for two reasons. Because I value my life and time at SDCC. The Hasbro booth in particular is the worst booth at the convention to try to get into. Last year on preview night the line was cut off after 30 seconds. That is beyond crazy. But this year I might have to suck it up. They are releasing a ROM The Space Knight Mighty Muggs. ROM is a Parker Brothers action figure from the 1979 that was super cool and Marvel Comics did a comic book of the tory that lasted 75 issues. If you remember ROM then you will understand why I am excited to try to get this one.



Lego is another booth that is a 3 ring circus. So it figures that they will have an exclusive that I want this year. The 1966 Batmobile from the television series. For any fan of the show this will be a must have. As of press time there is no official picture of it beyond the below teaser.



This is the 20 year anniversary of the Aquabats and they not only will celebrate at SDCC Toddland is going to have lots of exclusive early release merchandise to celebrate with. I am really excited about the t-shirts but, they are going to have lots of other things at the booth also.



Archie has been on a roll lately and they are doing a special issue of Afterlife With Archie SDCC exclusive cover to kick off the new Sabrina book coming in October. This will be a must have for fans of the book.



If you have seen the trailer for Big Hero 6 then you have already fallen in love with Baymax. They will have a limited amount of them for SDCC and they are going to sell out fast.



While Entertainment Earth always has tons of exclusives for the show, most have not for me been must have. This year may break that because they are doing two Ambiguously Gay Duo items that look to be must buy at the show. If you have ever seen the SNL shorts then you know why I am so excited to see some merchandise for it.



While this Godzilla diorama looks really cool it has a really high price tag of $60 so this one is a wait and see if it’s worth buying. The description has Godzilla at a mere 6 1/2 inches so at that price it might be more iffy than a must buy.