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Fanboy Funk is not a new problem that plagues geek conventions but the article in the New York Post is the first one I have seen from the mainstream press. The official post on the NYCC website lists it as the number 3 top tip for the convention. While within our geek community we have all encountered the dreaded Fanboy Funk. While before you jump all over me and say that there can be Fangirl Funk I would say that’s a much smaller percentage than men. For some reason when there is major multiple day conventions guys seem to think that person hygiene does not matter. Well guess what IT DOES! It really sad that some within the geek community seems to not care if he or she is ripe heading into a convention. The worse offenders are the ones who think not bathing and then spraying a can of AXE on themselves will solve the problem. No it just smells like a pile of shit with AXE sprayed on it. This is what I can’t understand, how do these people not get that they smell. Are they like this at home, going to work, going to school? I get that it can cost an arm and a leg to go to the super big cons like NYCC and SDCC but packing clean clothing and taking a bath is not rocket science. I myself pay a lot of money for a hotel room at SDCC and one of my top priorities is to make sure that I take a good shower in the morning before stepping one foot out the door for the day. There is no excuse for this problem. It goes beyond deodorant. It’s one thing to be at a convention and have a little oder coming from your armpits but we are not talking about that. We are talking about overall not bathing body oder. Our community has enough problems getting respect with out mainstream stories like this one. Stories like this really set things back for us in the long run. So in the future if you are going to any convention for one or multiple days make sure that you and your cloths are fresh for the day. It will make a better convention experience for all attendees. Besides if you run into that cute fangirl or fanboy you do want smell nice if talk to her or him. I’m guessing you will leave a much better impression on them and their nose.