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Wonder Woman Women Only Screening Turns Into Internet Dumpster Fire

Wonder Woman Women Only Screening Turns Into Internet Dumpster Fire


A few days ago the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin Texas announced that they were going to have a Wonder Woman With Wonder Women screening on Tuesday June 6th that is five days after the movie opens and that would not only be a women only screening but all of the staff for the event would be women. While I thought that this was a great idea and would allow women and those who identify as women have a safe and fun time seeing this wonderful film.

Well leave it to the internet and insecure men to not only troll the Alamo Drafthouse’s Facebook page but take to the internet to complain about this event. The first show sold out very quickly and they added a second showing that sold out also. This did not make some people (mostly men) upset but they threatened and moaned how this was unfair.


Here are just some of the comments and bravo to the social media person at the Alamo Drafthouse that replied were simply priceless.

Bill Fairbrother: Have you ever hosted a men’s only showing of any film?

Alamo Drafthouse Austin: We’ve never done showings where you had to be a man to get in, but we *did* show the Entourage movie a few years ago.

Ryan Reader: Alamo Drafthouse, will there be a male only screening for Thor: Ragnarok or a special screening for IT that’s only for those who identify as clowns?

Alamo Drafthouse Austin: We might actually have to steal that clown idea. Thanks Ryan!

Phil Shamrock Just go guys, and say you identify as a female

Alamo Drafthouse Austin Yeah, that’ll show us!

Tony Lee: I’ll pay for the tickets of the first 5 large, burly, bearded veterans who walk in there to see the movie and say they identify women and demand to see it…
It’s a two way street

Alamo Drafthouse: Austin Thanks for the money!


At last look there were 2.1 thousand comments on the event post and it continues to be a hot bed of conversations and trolling. I have decided to put together a handy chart for those who are wondering if they should be upset or offended with this screening with a simple yes or no next to the question.

Live outside the United States-NO

Live outside Texas-NO

Live outside the city of Austin Texas-NO

Want to see Wonder Woman opening weekend-NO

Want to see Wonder Woman at The Alamo Drafthouse Ritz opening weekend-NO

Want to see Wonder Woman in any of the 13 other theaters on June 6th located within 10 mile radius of The Alamo Drafthouse Ritz-NO

You are a man and want to see Wonder Woman at The Alamo Drafthouse Ritz on June 6th-NO

Here are some simple thought on why woman feel that they have been left out of the whole superhero film craze. Since 1920, there have been about 130 superhero and comic book films with solo protagonists in the United States, both on the big and small screens. We’ve had trilogies for Blade, Captain America, Batman, and Iron Man, among countless others. The Hulk has had at least three different films so far, each with different actors, and Spider-Man is on his third franchise in a decade, with at least one sequel already guaranteed. Do you know how many of those 130 films had female leads? Eight.


This is really simple there is little reason for any man to get upset about this screening. First and foremost this simply does not affect 99.9% of anyone. A lot of people have thrown lots of theories around as to why this screening is wrong. Some say it’s segregation and where that argument doesn’t hold water is that this is only one screening that will take place at the same time in thousands of theaters across the nation on the same day. Segregation would have to take place at the same theater all of the time for this to hold true.

Women have had to deal with this type of crap of non-representation for generations, and most likely will probably keep having to deal with it for generations to come. So to all the men bitching and moaning about exclusion and segregation, perhaps they’re simply experiencing what it’s like to be a woman. Any man who is complaining about this is finally getting a taste of their own medicine. This is what it’s like when you want to be in the club, but you’re not allowed. This is how it feels to be told you’re simply not going to make the cut or not good enough. This is what it’s like when someone decides for you, and you don’t get a say. So go ahead call me a Feminist because the definition of that is very simple, the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. 

For any man who still thinks that this screening is wrong need to go back and read the Wonder Woman comic because you simply don’t understand what she has been fighting for all of these years. For women this is one of the few times they get to go to the movies and see themselves as a superhero and finally be able to say, that me up there.

Here is my review of Wonder Woman.