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Hannibal Week at Pop Culture Maven

Hannibal Week at Pop Culture Maven


This week we celebrates the release of season one of Hannibal on Blu-Ray and DVD from Lionsgate Home Video. I will have the review of the Blu-Ray tomorrow on the site and later this week we will have exclusives interviews with show runner and producer Bryan Fuller and the Blu-Ray producer Cliff Stephens . So I am super excited for the great feast that awaits you. And if all goes well there will be a giveaway of copies of the Blu-Ray courtesy of Lionsgate Home Video signed by Bryan and possibly some of the cast of the show. I will post the contest as soon as we get the copies of the Blu-Ray. So to tease you here is a picture of Bryan and Hugh Dancy fooling around on the set of Hannibal. So come back all week to check out the fun.



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  1. Vikki
    8 years ago

    Can’t wait for my BluRay so I can rewatch Season 1!

    • Steven Howearth
      8 years ago

      I hope you like the Blu-Ray and checked out my review of it. Check back we are going to be giving away signed copies of the Blu-Ray by Bryan Fuller and hopefully some of the cast.